de las Flores Dutch Shepherd Puppies


Yes! We are still breeding Working Dutch Shepherd puppies.

For information about our litters and breeding program, please see our contact information below.
If you are interested in acquiring one of our puppies, please fill out the questionnaire form so we
know what you want to do with your puppy and we can watch for the
best candidate for your needs.

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What Are de las Flores Dutch Shepherd Puppies Doing Today?

We are so proud of our Dutch Shepherd puppies!  They are performing jobs and changing lives in ways we never imagined. We have AMAZING puppy owners too and can't thank them enough for providing exciting and active lives for our puppies. Together, there isn't anything de las Flores puppies and their owners can't do!  

Check out the unique and unsurpassed list of activities our dutch shepherd puppies are participating in these days:

  • IPO/IGP* (Including Multiple World Championships)
  • Police K9*
  • French Ring*
  • Narcotic Detection
  • Bomb Detection
  • Arson Detection
  • SAR*
  • Elite Yosemite SAR
  • Cadaver Dog
  • Avalanche Rescue
  • Nose Work*
  • PSA*
  • Personal protection*
  • Property guard dog*
  • Farm dog*
  • AKC Herding dog*
  • Sheep Herding
  • Cattle Herding*
  • Wildlife flushing
  • Forestry Dog
  • Oil Pipeline Wild Animal Control/Deterrent
  • Agility*
  • Weight Pulling*
  • Lure coursing*
  • FAST CAT* (Including #3 Ranked at 29.32MPH)
  • Dock Diving* (Including 2 Champions)
  • SR DIV Dock Jumping - 15:11 and 16:2
  • Seizure Alert Dog
  • Cancer Detection Dog*
  • Wheelchair service dog
  • Special Needs Service Dog
  • PTSD Service Dog*
  • Emotional Support*
  • Barn Hunt*
  • UKC Show Champion*
  • UKC Total Dog
  • AKC Show*
  • AKC Show - Best In Breed
  • K9 Disc Dog*
  • AKC Trick Dog
  • AKC Fit Dog
  • Halftime Show Acting Dog*
  • Cougar Hunting
  • Deer Hunting
  • Freestyle Canine Competition
  • PULLER Sport Dog* (Including one certified PULLER dog)
  • Truffle Hunting Dog
  • Social Media Influencer*
    (including one with 13.9K Followers)
  • Active family pet*

To inquire about our Dutch Shepherd Puppies or available dogs please contact us at:

de las Flores Dutch Shepherds



* Multiple dogs participating in this activity.

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